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Step 3. Track What Matters [Download Habit Tracker]

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Keep this in Mind, The most important part of this entire Challenge is to get just 1% better every single day.

Repeating small progressive actions, while controling the things you can control, daily.

When this becomes your operating system, weight loss becomes the result of the actions you take daily.

During this Challenge, we recommend keeping track of the 3 things listed below daily. Doing so will ensure that you’re building the habits that will allow you to get the results you want, while setting you up to maintain those results after these 30 days):

1.) Hitting Your Nutrition Targets – This one’s obvious. Keep track of your calories and protein. If you aren’t staying within your targets consistently, you will Not lose weight. So the best way to make sure that you aren’t playing the guessing game is to track what’s actually happening.

2.) Logging Meals Ahead of Time – it’s way too easy to forget exactly what and how much you ate if you wait to log your food after you’re done eating it. Sometimes you may forget to log it all together. So, Before you eat or drink anything with calories, make sure you log it first!

3.) Training Goals – Everyday, you should be doing one of your BFWP workouts, light walking, or some form of activity.

[Optional] You can track a fourth daily habit of your choice. Some examples: Ate ~2 servings of veggies, walked ~10k steps, etc.

To help with tracking these habits, we included a bonus resource for you called the 30-Day Habit Tracker. Each day you can literally check off what you did, to build the habits over time that will help you lose weight without obsessing over the process.