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3. Progress Photos

Progress pictures are the most important of all 4 methods. 

Let’s put it into perspective. Would you rather: 

A) be at your goal weight but hate the way you look 


B) Love how you look regardless of your weight or measures?

Clearly, it’s B.

The one thing with progress pictures is how physical changes tend to happen slowly over time.

In fact, I wouldn’t expect to see significant changes in your progress pics until you start comparing pics that are 2-3 months apart.

Here’s how to take your progress photos:

Some notes:

  • Have someone else take the photos or prop up your phone and use the self-timer function
  • Wear swimming suit attire or undergarments
  • Take a front, side, and back photo

You can take them weekly if you’d like, but at least you should take progress photos every 2-4 weeks. Try to take your pictures in the same spot in the same lighting, with a Tripod from the same Full body position.