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Understanding Positional Eating

The Next strategy is called Positional Eating Strategies, these “Plays” make losing weight and staying lean simple and convenient.

Positional Eating Strategies work by creating routines with your eating schedule that make it convenient and predictable to hit your nutrition targets. 


At the end of the day, what matters to get results is hitting your calorie and protein targets consistently each day.

It literally does not matter if you have 1 meal per day or 9 meals per day, and as long as you hit your calorie & protein targets, you’ll get your fat loss results. 

So, why do we have Positional Eating Strategies then?

It’s simple, everyone doesn’t have the same lifestyle, schedule, and/or preferences.

Choosing your Positional Eating Strategy really just depends on your current position in life and it should be based entirely on what YOU enjoy and what fits YOUR schedule. 

People with busy schedules like me tend to do better with fewer, but larger meals.

Others like Coach Dwayne tend to do better with more frequent, but smaller meals.

Some people enjoy having the exact same number of calories every single day while others enjoy having higher calorie days when they’re training and lower calorie amounts on their rest days, but it averages out throughout the week. 

There’s no Wrong or Right approach, I actually recommend you to try each strategy and see how each one works best for you. Maybe you’ll enjoy each approach at different periods throughout the year.

What Exactly are Positional Eating Strategies?

A Positional Eating Strategy is a strategy that’s meant to fit your current position, lifestyle, and eating preferences so that you have a simpler and more enjoyable time hitting your nutrition targets.

In this program, you’re going to learn about the 3 primary BBP Positional Eating Strategies: The Triple Double, The Double Double, and Calorie Cycling.

These three eating strategies tend to fit most people’s lifestyles, which is why we recommend them to all of our BBP coaching clients and pocket coach members.

Keep in mind, you can eventually use multiple or all 3 of these strategies together if you’d like. I personally use the Double Double (Intermittent fasting) Monday – Friday and the Triple Double (3 meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner) on the weekends.

It depends on whatever YOU can stick to.

Tim and Tina are going to be our example dieters as we go through the BBP Positional Eating Strategies.

When you enter Tim’s stats into the BBP Fat Loss Calculator, you get the following nutrition targets:

  • 2300 Calories
  • 110g protein minimum.

When plugging Tina’s stats into the BBP Fat Loss Calculator, you get the following nutrition targets:

  • 1800 Calories
  • 90g protein minimum