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Who’s This Nutrition Guide For?

Before we even get into this guide, if you…

  • Never tracked your calories and protein before.
  • have a lot of excess fat you want to lose weight as fat as possible.

Then I recommend you start with the Fat Loss Blueprint (FLB)

Why? FLB (Fat Loss Blueprint) will teach you the fundamentals. Everything you need to understand about dieting to lose fat, such as:

  • How much you need to eat to lose fat
  • How to accurately track your food
  • How to adjust your diet based on the progress you’re making.

Spend some time there first, make some progress towards your goals, then come back to The Practical Eating Guide in a couple of months.

Now, if you…

  • have already followed the Fat Loss Blueprint guide.
  • want to transition into maintaining without tracking so much.
  • Are at a sustainable, healthy & enjoyable body weight.

Then let’s hop right into the Practical Eating guide.