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Your very first mission in this challenge, go through the Burn Fat With Plants Nutrition Plan in the Nutrition Resources below.

Tap here to download

Inside the Nutrition guide, you’ll find a quick ‘n easy plan to set up your nutrition targets for weight loss, and how (and what) to track for your nutrition so you see the best results over the next 30 days.

Most people overcomplicate this, but once you adjust to the plan I walk you through in the Nutrition Guide, you’ll find that “dieting” can be simple and enjoyable).

You have access to our Built By Plants Nutrition Calculator that will help you find your nutrition targets within about 20 seconds.

The main two nutrition targets you’ll be keeping track of is your total daily calories and protein. 

The fats and carbs can and will fluctate depending on the food choices for the day. DO NOT stress about trying to hit a specific number of carbs and fats everyday. They do not matter when it comes to fat loss, as long as your in a caloric deficit. Although their is a limit to how low you should go in fats per day. At least try to get in 30 grams of fat per day, which is so easy, I doubt it’s something that you’ll have to actively think about.

Tap here for our Built By Plants Macro Calculator