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So, you have your calories to hit correct?

You also have the Built By Plants Coaching app or MyFitnessPal to keep track of your total daily caloric and protein intake right?


After you’ve gone through the Nutrition Guide and have found your nutrition targets…

Your next mission in this challenge, go through the Burn Fat With Plants Training Guide 

The BFWP Workout Program is designed to be done at home or at the gym.

You’ll also see the Workout Calendar in the guide at the end. This is a helpful guide that shows the 30 day program at a glance, so you know what workouts should be done on which days.

Now, the workout Days in the calendar aren’t  “Set in stone” or anything. If you need to workout on different days, you absolutely can. The whole purpose of this program is for it to fit around your lifestyle. Just make sure to set aside 3-4 days per week (days of your choice) to do the workouts when it works for you.