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Step 4: Lock In!

After you’ve gone through the Fat Loss Blueprint, picked your Workout program, it’s time to LOCK IN.

You can study, learn from our programs as much as you want, but…

It doesn’t work until you do. Knowledge isn’t usual, Applied Knowledge is. Be about that Action!

Focus on the smallest input that will produce the Biggest output

So let’s decide when you’ll actually DO the workouts. Go through your schedule and write down the days/times you’ll train.

These workouts a Non-Negotiable in your schedule. Get it done!
Give it your all and the more consistent you can be, the easier it’ll be to make working out a habit.

Watch the video below for more on how to deal with working out if it’s challenging for you.

Go through the Fat Loss Blueprint program and start implementing the information AS SOON AS you learn.

Ahead over to the BBP Nutrition Calculator to determine your nutrition targets and lifestyle eating strategy.

Once you have your calories, head over to the Virtual Kitchen and start selecting meals for your meal plan. There are hundreds of healthy recipes included in the Pocket Coach to help you hit your nutrition targets while actually enjoying foods you’ll love. Plus, we add new recipes every month so you’ll have endless options of healthy meals to make that your family will love.