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Step 5. Get In The Community

From our experience working with hundreds of clients, one of the biggest issues we see people struggling with when starting a new fitness journey is trying to do it alone.

You’re NOT alone, You don’t need to try to figure all this out alone. Join our Pocket Coach community so we can help support you every step of the way.

How to connect with other Pocket Coach Members:

The Pocket Coach News Feed – this is a private community of members and is a great place to connect with other like-minded individuals.

We’d love to meet and learn more about you so help us help you.

Over time, we’ve learned that the people who interact the most in the community: Asking questions, helping others, and sharing successes and struggles, are the ones who stay committed and experience the most results.

Some of the most active members in this community have lost over 50+ pounds following the same programs you now have access to in the Pocket Coach.

Quick recap, so that you know EXACTLY what you’re doing.

  1. Say What’s up by Introducing Yourself in The Pocket Coach.
  2. Go through the Fat Loss Blueprint course.
  3. Choose your workout program (Use the Workout Finder Tool to simplify it.)
  4. Plan when you’ll do your workouts by scheduling them ahead of time. We also recommend planning out your meals ahead of time (at least lunches and dinners), to set yourself up for fat loss success.

If you ever get lost or need help (seriously, with anything) just let us know!

We’re always here for you, and will gladly answer any questions you have… Text us at our direct business line for members, (773)207-3035.

Our support email is, so reach out if you need us.

That’s it for now… Let’s get started.

– Naj

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