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Step 2: Navigating The Pocket Coach

Home: This is your Go-To dashboard and the Hub for all the membership content. You can find all the main sections of the Pocket Coach here.

When we have announcements for Members (like when we host special member-only Live Q&A calls), we’ll be posting them here.


This is where you’ll find all the full-length workout programs based on equipment required, training focus, number of workouts per week, etc. Click on each workout program and you’ll see the overview details of the program (duration, difficulty, and equipment needed).

If you’re first getting started, here’s what I recommend.

Everyone needs to start with The Fat Loss Blueprint course.

Men, start with the Rebuild With Precision program.

Ladies, start with the Fat Loss and Curves Program.


Here you’ll find the Nutrition plans for either fat loss, or maintaining your diet around your lifestyle, along with several other lifestyle-first plans to help you hit your goals while enjoying your life.

You’ll also find the Gameplans section in the Nutrition tab drop-down, which includes various downloadable resources to help troubleshoot specific areas we see people get tripped up when it comes to dieting (and more added frequently!).

Recipes (The Virtual Kitchen)

This section contains hundreds of BBP-approved recipes for you to enjoy on (or off) the program. Recipes can be browsed by category (appetizers, main dishes, etc), food type (tofu, seitan, alternative meat, etc.), or by calorie range… So it’s as easy as possible to find delicious meals to make for your nutrition specifically.

You’ll find the Recipe Collections feature here as well, which is a built-in way to save recipes you like, create and/or customize your meal plans, and generate shopping lists of ingredients to make those meals.

The BBP Academy

This is where you’ll our educational videos where we explain topics on mindset, fitness, and nutrition in more depth. This is our section full of training, advanced strategies, and more. (These videos are all supplemental to the courses and programs, in case you want to dive deeper into any of the topics.)


This section has the tools we’ve created specifically for this membership. You’ll find two main resources here (for now):

  • Nutrition Calculator – This calculator will help you figure out your ideal calorie range and protein target so you know exactly what nutrition to shoot for.

As we add new sections to the Pocket Coach, we’ll update this course to explain each update.

Now, continue to the next section in this Quick Start Guide to get all set up…