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How To Drink Alcohol while dieting…

Let’s get the hard facts out the way first. Alcohol is not beneficial for weight loss or health, I think the majority of us are aware of this. That said, some of us do not want to completely eliminate it (myself included). When you put the right strategies in place, you can drink socially without it destroying your progress.

The 4-Step BBP Alcohol Play

1.) Focus on eating your Protein and Veggies Early

If you’re going out tonight, focus your day on getting in your protein intake as alcohol has is pretty high calorie dense and contains no protein. Also, have lots of veggies as they will help you stay fuller for fewer calories.

Having these things early in the day will help you still hit your protein, fiber, and micronutrients intake for the day before you have your drinks.

2.) Efficiency & Portions

If you want the most “alcohol bang” for your “calorie buck,” go with liquor (whiskey, vodka, tequila, rum, etc.) with a zero-cal mixers (diet pop, LaCroix, seltzer water, etc), or just on the rocks if you bad.

If you’re having wine or beer, be aware of how much you’re having. 

For example, a serving of wine is 5oz.

But most people pour a whole glass of wine that’s usually double that amount.

Start with one serving size.

So if you want more, you have to pour another glass, which will keep you aware of how much you’re actually drinking.

3.) Have a plan for your eating BEFORE you start drinking

I always say, it’s not the drinking that causes you to gain weight.

It’s the food decisions that you make after drinking when you’re tipsy. We tend to care less about doing the “right” thing and we overconsume high-calorie foods without hesistation.

So, before you drink, have a plan for what you’re going to eat afterwards.

4.) Get Back into “Next Play Mode” ASAP

Let’s just say you ignored everything that I said above and did the exact opposite. Keep in mind…

You’re only ONE decision away from being back on track. Wake up the next morning, have some water, eat some veggies, move your body and get back to work.

You can have alcohol on your “diet”, just work it into your plan correctly so that a few drinks don’t turn into a night of binging and/or overeating.