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How To Go To Social Events, parties, etc…

So everyone’s kicking it, having a good time, laughing, etc.

This usually involves SNACKS.

If you wanna stay on track or at least limit the calories that are easily consumed at parties, then these strategies are clutch. 

Strategy #1 – Start with The GamePlan

All of our social strategies require you to plan ahead, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Nobody ever randomly finds out that they’re going to a party/event 5 minutes before walking in, right?

Usually, you’re aware a month, week, or day in advance so you can work out your “Go-To Moves”.

Here are some ideal Go-To Moves:

  • Fast beforehand. It’s usually the best option in these type of situations.
  • If you do eat beforehand… Have only protein and veggies before the party.
  • Get a solid workout in before you go out.
  • Plan your next day’s meals so you can hop right back on track.

Strategy #2: Bring Your Own Drinks & Snacks

If it’s a BYOB event, then you can have more control over your calorie intake. Bring low-calorie drinks and snacks options. If you’re going to be drinking, make sure to follow the How To Drink guidelines section of this course.

Strategy #3: The One Plate Rule

This will keep you on point, it’s a reality checker for eating at social events.

Eat what you want, but make sure it fits on ONE plate and not one STACKED Plate! If possible, make half of your plate protein and veggies.

Strategy #4 – Aim for Lower Calorie Drinks

If you can’t bring your own drinks, then stick with lower-calorie drinks like wine (5-ounce glass!), tequila or vodka with diet pop, wine, and light beers.

Strategy #5: Enjoy Yourself Fam

The goal isn’t to be perfect, the goal is to have an amazing time out without feeling regretful in the morning.

You won’t always be able to fully control your food choices when you’re outside of your home, so more than likely you’re going to be eating higher calorie options.

This is fine, as long as you’re making your nutrition & training The Priority most of the time, you’ll see amazing results while living your best life through the process.