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Arms (Triceps, Biceps)

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Training Movements: Cable tricep pressdown, overhead triceps extension, and EZ bar skull crushers.

TRICEPS: The triceps reside on the back of your upper arm and are made up of three heads: a long head, medial head, and lateral head. The triceps work to extend the elbow (bring the elbows from a bent position to a straightened position).

ORIGIN: Infraglenoid tubercle, radial groove
INSERTION: Olecranon process on ulna


Training Movements: Cable single-arm curl, EZ bar curl 21s, hammer curl, incline dumbbell curl, and supinated EZ bar curl

BICEPS: The biceps brachii, a two-headed muscle consisting of a long head and a short head. They work together to flex the elbows (bring the elbow from a straightened position to a bent position), and supinate the wrist (twist the pinky upwards). The brachialis, which runs underneath the biceps brachii, is also a strong elbow flexor.

ORIGIN: Coracoid process, supraglenoid tubercle

INSERTION: Radial tuberosity