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Lower Body: Quads 

Movements: Squat, leg press, leg extension, and single-leg leg press

QUADRICEPS: The quadriceps (quads for short) are com- prised of four muscles, often referred to as “heads”: the vastus lateralis (quad sweep), vastus medialis (tear drop), rectus femoris (the middle portion of your upper thigh), and vastus intermedius (which runs underneath rectus fem- oris). The quads act to extend the knee, taking the leg from a bent position to a straight position. Each muscle of the quad has its own unique insertion. Just remember that the main action of the quads is to extend (straighten) the knee.

ORIGIN: The vasti muscles originate on the body of femur (thigh bone). The rectus femoris originates on the illium of the “hip bone.”

INSERTION: Tibial tuberosity