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Training Movements: Barbell bench press, dips (weighted), dumbbell incline press, incline bench press machine, low to high cable fly, and push ups. 

PECTORALIS: There are two pectoralis muscles (pecs
for short) located on your chest: the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor. The pectoralis major is divided into two heads: the clavicular head or “upper chest” (which originates at the clavicle) and the sternal head or “lower chest” (which originates at the sternum). The pecs act to adduct the upper arm (bring the upper arm across the body), and to internally rotate the shoulder joint. The clavicular fibers also aid in shoulder flexion (raising your upper arm up), but the sternal fibers do not.

ORIGIN: The pectoralis major originates on the sternum and clavicle. The pectoralis minor originates on the 3rd-5th ribs.

INSERTION: The pectoralis major inserts on the humerus. The pectoralis minor inserts to the coracoid process (front of your shoulder).