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Training Movements: Hammer curl, deadlift, EZ bar curl, incline dumbbell curl, supinated EZ bar curl, weighted pull-up and cable single-arm curl.

FOREARMS: The forearms perform a few main functions: wrist flexion, wrist extension, wrist supination, and elbow flexion. Wrist flexion is pulling your palm towards your inner elbow. Wrist extension is pulling your palm away from your inner elbow. Wrist supination is rotating your hand such that your pinky is higher than your every other finger, and elbow flexion is pulling your forearm closer towards your shoulder (“curling”).

The forearm elbow flexors are stronger when the wrist is in a pronated (palms down) position.

ORIGIN: Most of the posterior muscles originate on the lateral epicondyle of the humerus, whereas most of the anterior muscles originate on the common flexor tendon.

INSERTION: There are numerous and varied insertion points, but most muscles insert somewhere on the fingers