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First and foremost, I can’t stress enough how important having the proper mindset is when it comes to training and nutrition.

Having a Poor Program and the Great Mental Attitude toward your training will surpass the results of having a Great Program and a Poor Mental Attitude.

One of the biggest keys that helped me to transform my body was visualizing myself as the person I wanted to be. When I looked in the mirror, I saw my current state, but beyond that, I saw the person that I wanted to become. I painted a crystal clear image of the exact body I wanted to have. This kept me focused when commitment got tough. It helped me to embody the behaviors of someone who’s already in shape by viewing myself in that way.

How you think and feel about what you’re doing, will ultimately determine your results.

If you approach your training sessions with the “Just trying to get it over with” or “going through the motions” mentality ‚Äčand you’re not really engaged with what you’re doing…

What type of results should really you expect?

It’s ALL about the Mental Game!

I’m not saying you have to turn into a gym rat, however, you’ve invested into this program to Rebuild not just your body, but your LIFEstyle as well.

Get excited about every session and every meal, with the understanding that every rep and every bite is getting you one step closer to your goal.

Keep that in mind.