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It’s important to warm up effectively before each working set, based on the movement we will be performing. We want to avoid static stretching prior to training.

Instead, we want to do what is called Dynamic stretching, as it activates and loosens the muscles you will use during your workout.​ Mobility work like foam rolling are good ideas but only before you start the first exercise.

After your first exercise, your body is already warmed up, so for subsequent exercises, you will only need to do an exercise specific warm up, with light weight, which helps avoid the risk of injury and prepares your body for the weight that will be used for your working sets.

For example, if you’ve started your workout with squats and the next exercise is bend over row, take the empty barbell and do a couple rows to activate the right muscles that will be used for the bent over row. This prepares for the back and arms for the heavy load by training the movement, then start your first working set.

Example: Benchpress Warm up

Working Sets: 5×5 for 225lbs ​

This is your FIRST exercise of the session:

45lbs x 10, 135lbs x 7, 185lbs x 3, 205lbs x 3, START 225lbs 5×5

For all following exercises, it’s sufficient to just perform a couple of warm up sets with the next exercise movement for a couple reps.


​This can vary, but a general rule of thumb.

Rep Range: 1-5 Reps: 3-5 mins | 8 reps: 2-3 mins​ | 10: 2 min​s | 10+: 1.5-2 mins