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A great way to view this is as a game against yourself. That you’re constantly trying to get better at each time you step foot in the gym by doing better than you did the last time.

I talk a lot about how you’re your only competition. You’re primary goal is to become better than the person you were last year, last month, last week and yesterday. I don’t just say that because it sounds cool, I literally mean that. ​This keeps you focused on YOU, and helps you remove the urge to compare yourself to others you see on social media and in the gym.

Speaking of the gym, this also helps remove any anxiety that you may feel being in the gym around other people that may be further along on their workout journey than you are.​ 

By viewing it as a game:

  • It no longer feels like a boring mundane or dreaded task.
  • You’re excited and looking forward to playing to progress and beat your previous “score”
  • You’re no longer focused on just Fat Loss, and freaking out over the scale number, as you now know it’s taking care of itself from the work you’re putting in.
  • You’re not worried about “gym intimidation”, because you’re not competing with anyone else.​ You’re lazer focused improving your own numbers, sets, reps, and weight. The Game.

If you’re new to lifting with a structured plan, if you’re coming backing from a long break, or have just spent a good amount of time training sub-optimally, this program will not only help you reduce fat but increase your strength at the same time.​​​