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Workout Notes


The number of repetitions you’re aiming to hit for each set of an exercise. If there’s a unilateral exercise (using one arm/leg), you will see rep goals with per arm, per leg, per side, or some other variation.

Rest Times

The amount of time you should rest between each set.

Folks tend to rush their rest times, which leads to less than optimal recovery. In turn, they’re not able to give 100% on every set of an exercise. I want you to follow the rest time recommendations I give for each exercise to the best of your ability.

Using a timer on your phone or clock will help.

How Hard Should You Push?

For the strength training workouts, you want to push hard enough that you’re challenged, but not so hard that you can’t physically do another rep (unless you see “failure” in the rep range column).

When in doubt, start with a lighter weight.


And now, let’s get into the workouts!