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Accept & Appreciate The Present Moment

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This is so important to reaching your body goals and has had a major impact on your own lives in so many ways. Accepting and appreciating the present gives you the ability to enjoy the process without stressing too much about where you are in your journey.

If you are unhappy with how you look, you can develop neediness to achieve the body that you want, which can make you feel absolutely miserable about not having it yet.

We are the way we are because of the beliefs we have of ourselves. Each day there’s a movie playing in your head over and over again. If you consistently tell yourself you don’t deserve to have the body you want and that it’s too hard to get in shape, you don’t have time… you’ll be controlled and dominated by these limiting beliefs.

If you tell yourself that you’re not good enough now and you can only be happy after reaching your goals, you’re working against life. Life is inseparable from the present moment, you’re rejecting the present moment which can cause depression.

Your entire behavior will adjust to make those beliefs a reality.

You’ll be counting down the minutes and days to finally finish this diet and workout program, so you can finally “enjoy” life. This is setting yourself up for failure and frankly, not fun. Enjoy the journey.

​Have you ever lived or done anything in the future? No, and guess what, you never will.

Make the present moment joyful as you’re now making progress towards your goals. You want to see yourself as you are, but more importantly, see yourself as who you’re becoming through taking corrective action.​​

Definitely work on your goals, but appreciate and accept every moment along the way. The joy is in the adventure to your goals, not the small moment of finally getting there.

So live in the present moment. Accept and appreciate yourself for starting this journey and work your butt off.