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Plan Overview:

  • Fast through the morning, only have 2-4 cups of coffee
  • Eat your first meal at lunch (5-8 hours after waking up)
  • Eat a bigger meal around dinner/night time (5-6 hours after the first meal)
  • Incorporate two servings of fruit as “Weapon snacks” before or after either one of your meals: Melons or berries (100-120 calorie serving)

Smaller Meal:

This meal should be around 3 calories per pound of goal bodyweight (typically between 400-600 calories). Shoot for around 400-600 calories in total. ​Options include:

We recommend burrito bowls as they’re very filling, easy to make, packed with flavor, and removes the feeling of being on a diet like a dieting food. 

Big Meal (The Entrée):

  • This meal should equate to 7 calories per pound of goal bodyweight
  • Generally between 800 and 1000 calories total
  • This meal will be compromised of protein source (tofu, seitan, tempeh, or another meat alternative), potatoes or sweet potatoes, oil for cooking or taste, and veggies (not required to count calories from veggies, but preferred for a)

Strategic Snacks: FRUIT! Two Daily (select 2 of the 3 options)

  • First snack 4-5 hours after waking (which is 1-3 hours before your first meal)
  • One serving of fruit 1-2 hours before your smaller meal
  • One serving of fruit 1-2 hours before bed

Strategic Caffeine Use:

  • Drink 2-4 cups of coffee for caffeine in the fasted state
  • Only drink caffeine in the fasted state (i.e., in the morning)
  • Don’t drink caffeine at any other time.
  • Hot herbal tea is a great alternative if you don’t want coffee for later in the day

Setting Up Your Macros:

Please refer to the caloric intake and macro split in the Precision Macros​ guide.

Re-Feed Day

Once per week, add about 400 calories to your diet. Ideally, do this on Friday. You can keep your first meal the same, with a bigger meal for your second meal.