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The Hip To Waist Ratio

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The primary focus of this program is to build your best body based on your height, genetics, etc. Build your butt while losing fat to help you achieve a nice hip-to-waist ratio. This will look different for everyone, but it’s the number one thing you can do to look more curvy and while boosting your attractiveness and confidence!

At our most basic state, women with a small hip-to-waist ratio is a vital sign of attractiveness, youthfulness and reproductive health.

In fact, men are hardwired to look out for the hip-to-waist ratio. It’s the number one sign of physical attraction in women. The reason for this is because the hip-to-waist ratio represents great genetics and the ability to produce healthy offspring.

The ideal hip-to-waist ratio for women is about 1.0:0.7.

This has nothing to do with your actual weight as that greatly varies. This ratio means that your waist measurement should be about 30 percent smaller than your hip measurement. This can be reached by reducing your waist circumference (reducing body fat) while increasing your hip circumference (adding strength and muscle to the glutes).

This ratio is probably in the area of your favorite IG model. If you look at many of these Instagram models blowing up, you can quite clearly tell that they embody the ratio. They have a relatively slim waist and a well-developed booty.

​Now don’t get too attached to social media stars as the majority already have really good genetics for being able to have really slim waists and curvier thighs/butts, and some of them do have surgery done to enhance this as well. However, there are a lot of them who do work hard for their results regardless of their genetics and that’s the group you’ll fall in.

​Keep in mind, the goal is to pursue your ideal body goals and build YOUR best self because you want to look better for YOU, not for anyone else.​ We dont want you to feel pressured to fit some crazy beauty standards imposed on you.​ But as far as having a blueprint to aim towards, this is our guiding star.

We will be focusing on improving your hip-to-waist ratio by building up your booty, slimming down your waist and getting you sexy throughout.

The hip to waist ratio is NOT all about looks…

Interestingly enough, a poor hip-to-waist ratio in women has been negatively associated with women’s health, the ability to produce offspring and even cognition.

No wonder we live in a world where women with great butts are deemed incredibly attractive. It’s more than just a butt–it signals so much! So with that in mind, we can talk about what achieving an awesome butt really comes down to…

Just remember, this program is fully focused on building up the butt and keeping the waist tight! Over the course of 12 weeks, there will be a dramatic change and your body will transform. Your waist and midsection will come in and become defined while your backside elevates and even grows. The result will be a shape closer to your ideal goals​

One of the common concerns we hear from many women is that they don’t have the right genetics to ever have the body they want.
Of course, not every woman is going to be able to look like Beyonce, but that’s not what we’re going for. We’re working with your body’s natural state to help you achieve the shape you were naturally built for.

By doing this, every woman is absolutely capable of achieving a slim, flat stomach and a better booty. Due to women’s hormonal differences, they actually tend to store more fat in their hips and thighs. So every woman is capable of achieving a slim, sexy waist.

Some women believe they can’t lose fat no matter what. Well, either they don’t actually know how to lose fat or they’re just making excuses to take the blame off of themselves.

Our proper nutritional protocol, strategic training and serious effort ​is all it takes to achieve your goals​. If you don’t have the body you want after that, it’s because of two things:

Either you don’t have the proper muscle development or you are carrying too much fat. Or possibly both. With proper nutrition, you can lose fat and achieve a very low body fat. And with proper strength training, you can build lean muscle.

For some women, this may happen a lot faster; for other women, it will take longer. But if your nutrition is dialed in, you can pretty much get as slim as you want.

Every women is capable of building muscle to build a great booty and an attractive body. All it requires is the right type of strength training and your muscles will grow.

Want to know how We help our clients achieve their goals?​

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