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Nutrition Plan Overview

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Training is only 1 part of the equation for building curves and losing fat. It’s essential because it sends a signal to your body to improve strength and to build muscle tissue.

BUT, if you’re eating too much, you’ll still end up gaining fat. On the contrary, if you eat too little, you won’t be able to gain lean muscle, support a healthy metabolism and hormonal profile. So the goal is to eat just enough with the right intake of proteins, fat and carbs, while also eating nutrient-dense food to support health and vitality.

Now, there are ENDLESS diet fads that you can do but none are necessities. To drop fat, you must be eating at a calorie deficit. To gain muscle, you must be eating sufficient calories to support lean muscle tissue. Additionally​, your protein intake needs to be adequate to keep you full and satisfied (since protein is the most filling macronutrient and higher protein diets have been shown to help people lose fat and gain muscle).

Essentially, it comes down to getting in the proper amount of calories and protein and then making the diet as enjoyable as possible.

There are no foods that inherently makes you fat. Eating cookies, ice-cream, pasta or chocolate does not make you fat. Eating too many calories will make you fat.
You can eat a completely clean diet, consisting of only “healthy” foods and still gain weight if you’re eating too many calories from those healthy foods. 

We’ve broken up the nutritional plan into three phases. Fat Loss, Recomp, Rebuild.

Phase One: Designed to help you lose fat while toning your booty.

Phase Two: Designed to help you continue losing fat and gain muscle at the same time.

Phase Three: The final phase is to specifically gain muscle to build your ideal dream body.

Depending on where you currently are right now​ in your journey will determine where you’ll want to start. You might want to do the Fat loss Phase, the Recomposition Phase, or the Booty Building Phase.