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The Beauty Of Strength Training & Progressive Overload

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The Beauty Of Strength Training & Progressive Overload

Strength training is the foundation for building the body you desire. Did you know building muscle is how you develop the curves? This should be put on a pedestal​ if you want a bigger butt, toned thighs, arms, middle section, etc.

Above all else, in order to build muscle, the Golden Rule is that you must Progressively Overload. We’ll dive deeper about this coming up, but in short…

Progressive Overload: The gradual increase of stress placed upon the body during exercise training.

Understand this, the human body will not change unless it is forced to do so. The Body’s Primary Goal is to keep you Alive and Healthy… That’s it. Your body doesn’t care about your dreamy flat tummy, curvy thighs, shapely hips or booty.

So if you do not hold yourself accountable to your goals and take the proper actions, your body won’t reflect your ideal results. Doing the same amount of weight, sets, and reps every session will leave you disappointed by the results.

Girl, You have to push yourself!

Your body adjusts to the stress stimulus you put it under, and if that stimulus isn’t continuously increased, you will eventually hit a plateau. Progressively overloading your muscles to do more work than they’re accustomed to, allows you to make further adaptations to your physique, i.e. glute growth, thighs looking amazing and more.

Think of it this way, muscle builds as a “side effect” of getting stronger and more efficient (a desirable side effect, in our case). So when we’re in the gym, our primary focus will be getting stronger and sustaining our strength progress. Don’t worry about how many sets, reps, or how often to train right now, we’ll break it down step-by-step later on.

When you begin putting in the effort at the gym and fixing your nutritional habits, you’ll start to see really awesome results. 

Your body will begin changing for the better, your clothes will fit better, your face will appear more clear, defined and youthful. Your energy will increase and this is when your motivation and confidence will go through the roof. (And, on this program, your booty and waist will get closer to your ideal image.)​

As a result, your entire life will transform. Strength training and maintaining low body fat are great for your health. For example, research is abundantly clear that having a higher waist circumference increases the risk of mortality. Not to mention proper resistance training has been shown to absolutely transform your health.​ All of this to say…training is great for you! Let talk about the key to the VeganBae physique…​ The “hip-to-waist ratio”​.