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Why Can’t You Stick to The Plan?

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Do you consistently struggle to commit to fitness programs? Pretty frustrating right?

You have a goal, but for some reason, you don’t do everything in your power to achieve it.

This is usually the result of your goal not actually matching your Values.

Why do we say this? Well, if your goals actually matched your value system, then you would’ve eaten every meal and done ​every workout​ plus some to make it happen because you believed in it.

But why didn’t you? The goals weren’t a part of your values, which is why it’s essential to really determine what your top three values are.

Is it your relationship? Career? Chill time? Family? ​Friendships? Hobbies? Having fun?

You need to determine what’s most important in your life. Once you identify your true priorities, you can match these values with your fitness.

Let’s say your highest value is your family. You consistently invest all your time and energy into your family but ignore your fitness. What you need to do is define the reasons why working on your fitness is going to support your family and define the reasons why not working on your fitness and health will hinder your family.

For example, if you really love your kids, your parents, your spouse, etc. Don’t you want them to see you at your absolute best? Don’t you want to have fun with them? Don’t you want to ​be fit, energetic, and healthy for them and show them the way to be healthy as well? I’m sure you want to pass on healthy habits to your kids right?

Let’s say your highest value is your career. Just imagine, if you’re in amazing shape your confidence will probably be increased right? That confidence will most likely help you excel. When you’re fit, energetic, and disciplined, people will respond to you differently. ​

Let’s say it’s your relationship, well if you improve your body, it’s likely that your significant other will have a more physical attraction for you, right? These are just a few potential benefits for working out to assist your top priority. ​

We’re connecting your highest value (family, career, etc.) with fitness. Once you realize how this program will support your highest value, then suddenly you’ll be ten times more motivated to follow the plan. You’ll feel more in control of your life.​

Create a list of reasons and look over them daily to keep your eyes on the prize.

I want you to print out the next page​ and write down your 3 most important values. Then, come up with 5 powerful reasons why sticking to this program will help each of your most important values. Keep this in your bedroom​. If you can’t think of any reasons, this is why you can’t stay motivated. Create something you’d like in your life, make it happen.