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Tracking Your Progress

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The simplest, most important way to ensure your ideal body is to track your progress every single week. This will keep you accountable. It’ll allow you to see undeniable proof for your improvement which is the greatest source of motivation to keep you focused.

For example: your midsection went down by an inch after four weeks. Your strength on your glutes focused exercises increased by 20 pounds. That’s amazing! It means you added strength and curves while bringing in your stomach to improve your hip-to-waist ratio.

So I recommend you keep track of your progress in a notebook on your phone. You want to be tracking the following measurements and lifts:

  • Waist measurement (at the most narrow point of your waist, usually one or two inches above your belly button)
  • Hip measurement (at the widest point of your hips/butt)
  • Weekly Weight (no need to stress about weight, but it’s useful to see the big picture)
  • Full body progress pics (front, side, and back, wearing sports bra and booty shorts)
  • Progress on wide stance squats or pistol squats onto a box
  • Progress on your main compound movements. If you’re one of our online clients​, you have our mobile app already set up for you to track everything.

Your goal is to reduce your waist measurement, build up your hip measurement to a certain extent, and increase your strength on your main compound movements. This will produce dramatic changes to your physique.

You’ll be doing more exercises than the main compound movements and should be tracking all exercises in each workout while aiming to improve on all movements. With that being said, it makes sense to narrow the focus down to just a few key exercises as your indicators of success. The stronger you get on these movements, the better you will look.

In this program, you’ll be enjoying a very flexible nutrition plan where you can eat the foods and meals that you love, categorized by one of the three nutrition phases.

You’ll be working out three times per week and making progress. It’s also important to mention that if you’re dropping fat, you’ll be losing fat in your hips and butt, which may make your butt appear smaller in the short term.
So if your waist goes down by two inches and your hip measurement stays the same, then you actually have added muscle to your butt, replacing the fat. More importantly, your hip-to-waist ratio has improved for the better.

Focus on these indicators. If you’re making progress on the majority of them, that’s a sign that you’re progressing effectively.