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Let’s setup your Calories and Macros

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Now that we have the basic nutrition plan laid out, let’s talk about how to set up your calories and macros for fat loss.

For this plan, you’ll be consuming roughly 10-12 calories per pound of current bodyweight. From my experience, this is ideal for rapid fat loss.

BUT, if you go any lower than this, you’ll most likely experience muscle loss, more hunger​, lower energy, and negative side effects with very little additional fat loss.

Depending on your current weight, Most people will lose about 1.5-2 pounds of fat eating per week at 10-11 calories per pound of current bodyweight.

Here is how you will determine your calorie intake if you’re:

  • 220+ pounds, consume​ 2400 calories per day (150g protein, 80g fat, 270g carbs)
  • 200-220 pounds, consume 2200 calories per day (140g protein, 75g fat, 245g carbs)
  • 180-200 pounds, consume​ 2000 calories per day (135g protein, 65g fat, 215 carbs)
  • 160-180 pounds, consume​ 1800 calories per day (130g protein, 60g fat, 185 carbs)
  • 140-160 pounds, consume​ 1600 calories per day (105g protein, 55g fat, 175g carbs)
  • 120-140 pounds, consume​ 1400 calories per day (95g protein, 50g fat, 150g carbs)

Setting Up Macros

For overall health and satiety, it’s important to eat sufficient amounts of each macronutrient: protein, fat & carbohydrates.

Adequate​ Protein consumption, helps you maintain/grow muscle and stay full.

Fat plays an important role in hormonal output and helps support fullness.

Carbohydrates support training performance, mood, sleep, and more. Going too low in any one of these macronutrients would be a mistake.

Most people have bad experiences with dieting because they either cut out their fat intake, carb intake, or protein intake. So our goal is balance. I recommend:

  • 30% protein
  • 25% fat
  • 45% carbs