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Let’s Talk About Goal Setting

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It is essential to always have goals that you’re working towards. Once you’ve documented your starting weight, taken your pictures, measurements and your current strength level on your key exercises, you want to set a specific goal for each to strive for.

Here’s an example of a good clear goal.

“My goal is to drop two inches on my waist and build my butt up an inch, add 35 pounds to my squats and deadlifts and lose 7% body fat within the next year.”

Do you see how specific these goals were? It’s important to be very clear on exactly what you’re trying to accomplish so that you’re able to measure your progress towards them.

As you continue to make progress, your goals may change, but always have something to shoot towards.

Of course, you want to reach the goal, but the most important thing isn’t getting to an end result. The most important thing is gradually improving your habits for the better and moving closer to a body you can feel confident in. That’s what turns this into a lifestyle.

Each and every month, you should be tracking your bodyweight, measuring your waist and hips, taking pictures and comparing your strength from the previous month.

When you see the progress right in front of your eyes on a week-to-week basis, it’s extremely powerful and motivating!

​Now set your goals and let’s get to it.